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Coyne CBD Oil Price and Review

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This CBD oil from Coyne Healthcare comes in multiple strengths for different measures of application and is flavoured with vanilla for easy dosing with no taste or texture issues. Simply take 5-10 drops on the tongue, swished around the mouth, for easy relief of insomnia, inflammation, sleeplessness or a plethora of other issues.


This non-GMO, flavoured CBD oil is of the utmost quality and has begun to become a popular option in and around South Africa for CBD-based treatments. Supplied by the CBD Store, this product is manufactured by Coyne. Coyne Healthcare is a company sporting a selection of fantastic health products such as Magnesium, Omega Oils, as well as other multivitamin and plant extract supplements.


Now, let’s take a bit of a closer look at this range from Coyne.

Coyne CBD Oil Review

This quality extract comes in three options for strength: 100mg, 200mg and 400mg. These are great for using the extract for different treatments, for example, one with anxiety might use 100mg strength throughout the day, whereas someone with insomnia would rather use the strongest option an hour or so before bed.

The oils are vanilla flavoured to make ingestion a lot easier (since some find CBD to taste unpleasant), and bound with Coconut MCT Oil as a carrier. The product used in making these oils is from the Netherlands, and this non-GMO oil range is imported from the Netherlands under strict GMP standards.

Recommended dosages vary quite a lot depending on the ailment you’re treating with the oil. While there’s no risk of overdose or intoxication from CBD oil, one should still attempt to dose as accurately as possible both to save any oil from going to waste, as well as to make sure you’re getting enough CBD.

The best-recommended way to decide on dosage is to find anecdotal accounts of how much CBD people are taking for their ailments, and taking your dosage based on their results.

These CBD Hemp Oils also contain great health benefits aside from the ailments they treat. For one, they contain sitosterol which can help lower cholesterol, as well as tocopherols (also known as Vitamin E). These oils are also rich in omega fatty acids, with a ratio of 3-to-1 Omega 3 to Omega 6 – the ideal ratio for human consumption.

Altogether, the benefits provided by this range of oils by Coyne are more than enticing, even if you’re not using the oil to treat a specific issue or illness. If you’re unsure of dosage, or how this oil might interact with any other medications you’re taking, always consult your doctor before trying it out – however harmless it may be.

Why is pure CBD oil South Africa‘s latest health craze?

CBD is more than just a passing fad. With growing research showing its numerous medicinal benefits, it’s no wonder it’s caught on so quickly as a medical cannabis oil South Africa is growing fond of.

The three main reasons it’s become so popular are: firstly that CBD isn’t intoxicating; secondly that it’s an all-natural product, and thirdly the fact that it treats such a wide range of issues and ailments, to name a few:

  • Anxiety
  • Appetite Loss
  • Inflammation / Pain
  • Stress

CBD has no studied side effects (although everyone’s individual experience varies), and is widely regarded as somewhat of a budding “wonder drug” in medicine.



Extraction Method
Not Intoxicating
+ Positives:
  • Rich in nutrients and fatty acids
  • Variable Strengths
  • Vanilla Flavour
- Negatives:
  • No unflavoured option
  • Higher Doses are Quite Pricey



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