Cannabis Oil for Cooking

Eating CBD oil is a great way to dose it, as it comes on slowly and can be quite accurately dosed for repeat usage. For example, making yourself a packet of CBD mints each containing the same dose would be the perfect way to keep dosing with ease, surreptitiously.

You can cook both sweet and savoury with CBD, just remember to bind it with a fat or oil before using it, like coconut oil, butter or olive oil. Remember also, that warming the oil can increase its strength, but over-warming it will destroy some of the active components and the CBD will begin to evaporate. Thus it’s best to add CBD oil towards the end of cooking, or after the meal is prepared.

Make sure you mix whatever you’re making well to make sure the CBD is spread evenly throughout the prepared dish – whether it be a salad dressing, cookies, CBD lemon water, etc.

Take a look at some great CBD options for cooking below:

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