Why Is CBD So Expensive in SA?

The human body contains and is able to produce natural Cannabinoids on it’s own, and it also contains receptors known as CB1 and CB2 receptors. These systems in your body are what allow you to reap the benefits of CBD, and many other cannabinoids you might encounter. 

Many might be familiar with the health benefits of CBD and its increasing popularity throughout the world, however few understand the medical jargon and potential health benefits that Cannabis and it’s extracts can offer. 

CBD, known in medical terms as Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found within marijuana along with THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive compound. Many medical studies over the years have agreed that there are health benefits to CBD and its related compounds such as relief from muscle aches and anxiety. 

What makes CBD Expensive: How CBD Oil is Made

Many of us may ask the question “Why is CBD Oil so expensive?” The answer lies within the process of its creation. There are many variables that dictate the prices of CBD oil in South Africa. The process in which CBD oil is made is a long and arduous task that requires specialized equipment to ensure the final product is safe for human consumption. 

The most commonly used process, which allows for a purer and more commercially viable product, is known as CO2 extraction. This process submits the CO2 gas to extremely high pressure and incredibly low temperatures in order to separate the Cannabidiol from the plant matter in a specialized container.

This process requires incredibly expensive equipment and the lab workers who operate these machines, and scientists who test the purity, require hefty amounts of knowledge as well, which results in a lot of expenses for companies to cover before their finished product is shipped out to the general public. 

The positive aspect of this, however, is to know with certainty that professionals have created a high quality and safe product for your personal consumption. There are also other methods of extraction such as the use of olive oil and ethanol but these aren’t commercially viable and are mostly used by those interested in attempting to make smaller quantities at home.

Lastly, getting CBD in a country like South Africa means that either the entire product, or part of it (such as the isolate, or machinery to make it) have been imported. South Africa generally has a high import tax on most items, meaning that this will almost ‘artificially’ boost the price of CBD in South Africa. Sure you can get some products a little cheaper ordering online from overseas, but you’ll end up paying more once you calculate the shipping costs.

How Much Does CBD Oil Cost In South Africa?

Many might wonder what the cost of CBD Oil is in South Africa. In May 2019 the Minister of Health for South Africa passed and signed a legislation that allowed for the sale and distribution of CBD products throughout the country. This decision has been greeted with major positivity from activists and the general public throughout the country as a definite move in the right direction. Many medical authorities have agreed and reached a consensus that there are definite health benefits to CBD oil and researchers are now able to study the compound to unlock further benefits. 

The price of CBD oil in South Africa fluctuates, however on average a 30ml bottle of high quality oil from a reputable company will cost around R700-R1500 depending on the CBD concentration of the product.The reason that CBD costs what it does in South Africa is that the process in which it is made is still an incredibly complicated one, however consumers can rest assured that the finished product is of an exceedingly high quality as well as safe and pure. 

The amount that you may need to take can fluctuate depending on body weight, the physical chemistry of your body itself and the condition that you’re relief of minor symptoms foring. The strength and concentration of the extract can also play a role in dictating how much is required, however in South Africa, you required a prescription to take more than 20mg/day (the legal recommended daily allowance) 

In Conclusion: Are CBD Prices Worth It?

CBD prices are dictated by the strength of the product and can definitely be seen as a quality assurance by any potential buyer. The price is based on the time consuming process, specialized machinery and the professionals who create said product for you. 

Ensuring that quality control and organic, healthy hemp is used allows for you to rest assured that the product you get is healthy, pure and safe to use daily. Many medical professionals have praised Cannabidiol as a compound that is able to relief of minor symptoms for a wide range of ailments, however ensure you speak with your pharmacist or a medical practitioner in order to get their professional advice on what would work best for your specific needs and requirements. 

As times are changing, so too are many countries around the world starting to shift towards using CBD, for its multitude of health benefits. Medical practitioners and scientists around the globe are beginning to unlock it’s potential and understand this wondrous compound better.

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