CBD has recently become more popular to use as a treatment for children, in place of or alongside prescribed medication. While this idea may seem unfamiliar, or even unwise to some, it’s slowly becoming commonplace.

CBD is, by nature, non-intoxicating – and as such makes a great medication for children. Most parents are against giving their children mind-altering substances, making CBD the perfect option in place of such products. Please note, we will only ever list CBD products for children that we’re sure contain no THC (we use lab reports to discern whether or not they do).

CBD for kids is used mostly to treat the same issues as in adults: things like anxiety, sleeplessness, appetite loss, stress, pain and even ADHD. Like most CBD, it’s hard to tell exactly whether a tincture / capsules / a powder or gummies is the right way for you to take your CBD, as well as how much you should take. As such, one should always consult a doctor, ands go low and slow in terms of dosage.

Specifically in regard to ADHD, CBD Oil seems to work great for some in terms of calming, and clearing the mind – for others, not so much. However, if your child is having adverse reactions to ADHD medication such as Ritalin, it might be worth trying CBD as an alternative, or a supplemental medication.

All in all, we’re likely to see a lot more CBD products aimed at children on the market soon, as it’s quite harmless compared to most other drugs we use to treat the same illnesses and ailments in children.

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