Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil or Hempseed Oil is an extract of the seeds of the hemp plant – more similar to something like Olive Oil or Coconut Oil than a CBD extract. It can contain a number of cannabinoids, however, the level and amount of these is more dependant on the plant used, not the extraction method. Hemp oil is most commonly created from cold pressing seeds and collecting the oils they produce.

Hempseed Oil is most beneficial as a dietary supplement or a food oil. It has a very low smoke point compared to other oils, and as such isn’t suitable for frying or cooking, but can be added to such dishes after their preparation with ease.

The oil contains a high concentration of Omega 3 and 6 essentially fatty acids. These are supplements the body and brain need to complete and maintain a number of processes, however, aren’t produced within the body and need to be found in dietary sources or supplements.

It’s best used in cooking for things such as salad dressings, smoothies or for making sauces like a hemp pesto or mayonnaise. It can also be taken as a supplement by taking a teaspoon of the oil straight, on its own.

We strive to only list hempseed oil products which are natural and organic, made with utmost care and attention from the finest producers.

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