CBD Topical vs CBD Oil For Pain – What Works Best

CBD has recently become incredibly popular around the world as the firm grip of cannabis prohibition starts to loosen and researchers study the plant. 

There are many ways to take CBD in order to get its benefits, such as tinctures, oils and topical creams. CBD extracts can be expensive, but with good reason. They are quite challenging to make in high quality and in large quantities and it requires special equipment.

People these days may be familiar with the increasing popularity of these ointments throughout the world. By keeping up to date with the news you can quite easily pinpoint which tinctures could work for you.

Each of these ways of using CBD are created differently so which one is best? Before we get into the nitty-gritty of it all let’s first look at what CBD is exactly as well as the major strains of cannabis

CBD And THC, What’s The Big Difference?

There are two main compounds found in marijuana. They are known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is the non-psychoactive compound found within marijuana alongside THC which is psychoactive.

The marijuana plant itself has many naturally occurring compounds. Scientists have only recently started to discover how to separate them in order to isolate the CBD for its potential health benefits.

Medical studies over the last few years have agreed that there are definite health benefits to the use of CBD. These benefits are mainly relief from muscle aches and anxiety. More recently however there have been successful studies where CBD has been used to relief of minor symptoms for patients suffering from epileptic fits. One large reason that CBD has become such a sought-after solution to various illnesses and ailments, is that it is non-intoxicating. This means that you won’t get high from CBD extracts.

Indica – A High CBD Strain Of Cannabis

There are two types of cannabis which are vastly different from each other. Sativa, which is naturally higher in THC and indica which has much higher levels of CBD. These strains affect the body in different ways and have distinct characteristics. Their appearances are quite easy to identify in case you plan on growing your own indica strains in order to make extracts.

The indica strain tends to be suited much better in colder climates with short seasons. These cannabis plants grow short and stocky and bush outwards when they reach their quick flowering cycle. They grow broad leaves and are much shorter in stature than their sativa counterparts.


The Indica strain of marijuana produces a much more chilled out, body-high after being taken. It’s best used as a sleeping aid or appetite stimulator. Indica strains are naturally much higher in CBD than they are in the psychoactive THC.

Using CBD Topical Creams For Pain – What To Expect

CBD creams and ointments are made from blending high-quality cannabis CBD extracts with a medium such as a coconut and olive oil. This infusion is usually mixed with other beneficial plant extracts such as lemongrass and arnica which contain essential and healthy oils.

These creams are usually used by applying them to an area of your body where you feel muscle aches or pain. The only issue is that so far there isn’t enough scientific evidence and data to support CBD creams being any more effective than other topical pain relievers.

It has been found that these creams only really reach about 1 centimetre into the skin when applied liberally. Many muscle aches are found much deeper within, CBD oils can be useful for muscle pain but only if taken orally.

Perhaps with time and more research done on these creams, they could be refined into something better. In the future, these topical CBD products for pain could become more effective for dealing with muscle pain and aches.

How To Use CBD Oil For Pain – Is It Effective?

The human body has an  endocannabinoid system found within it, these receptors receive and translate cannabinoids for the body. This system is responsible for regulating feelings such as pain, sleep and any immune system responses. 

When using CBD oil the cannabinoids are ingested and enter the bloodstream searching for these receptors to naturally bind to. This, in turn, influences the body to produce and use endocannabinoids more effectively thus mitigating feelings of pain. 

Researchers have found that using CBD for pain relief can be effective if taken orally.

CBD oil itself comes in many different strengths once it has been successfully extracted and isolated from the other compounds in cannabis. Ensure that you do the correct research and consult with a medical practitioner before you decide which strength works for you. Using CBD oil for pain relief tends to work much more effectively than any topical creams.

Final Words On CBD Oil And CBD Topical Creams

So far research has shown that the use of CBD oils is more effective than their topical counterparts. With time researchers could discover new ways to use the topical creams and increase their effectiveness too. 

The upside of CBD oil is that it is wholly possible to create your own as well. Be sure to research how to create your own tinctures and oil safely beforehand. Using a high CBD indica strain can help produce a higher quality CBD oil in the end. Using cannabis oil and extracts can be very effective when taken properly.

You can always purchase the oils and tinctures from trustworthy suppliers instead of going through the hassle of making your own, too. Just be sure to speak to your doctor if you’re considering CBD as a regular relief of minor symptoms forment for any serious ailments.  

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