CBD Oil for Pets

With CBD slowly taking over the market as a ‘wonder drug’ of sorts in the past few years, it’s really no surprise that CBD for pets is something that’s recently popped up all over. Just as people are using CBD for their anxiety, insomnia and epilepsy, many are giving it to their cats and dogs for the very same reasons.

CBD is being used in tinctures and pet treats thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and anti-nausea effects. It also has positive effects on appetite, anxiety, cardiac and possible anti-cancer benefits. There’s a study currently taking place through the Colorado State University which is set to discover how effective CBD is for dogs – but there’s more on that to come.

One thing to note is that some animals, such as dogs, have a more complex and receptive endocannabinoid system (the part of our body that deals with cannabinoids and allows cannabis to give us effects, both THC and CBD), which means that they sense the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids far more intensely than humans do. As a result, one should always start with a far lower dose for animals and pets than for a human. First, adjust for body mass and secondly, adjust further to account for the difference in endocannabinoid systems.

CBD for pets is just taking off, and we’re sure it won’t be long until we begin to see far wider ranges of CBD products (and even possibly THC one day) for pets and other animals, and even eventually pharmaceutical products made from derivations of cannabis.

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