Koi CBD Review (Oil, Vape Juice, Gummies)

Koi CBD, a brand that has had an established market in the US since 2015, is now also available in sunny South Africa. If you’re new to the cannabis oil scene, you probably haven’t heard of them. But, for those of us who are involved in the market, we have been keeping our eyes on this innovative, stylish and dedicated company for quite some time.

Bringing us an impressive variety of high-quality cannabis oils and CBD products, Koi CBD continues to surprise and delight us with their creations. We want you to have a full understanding of this company, and what it is that makes their premium range of CBD products so popular. So, we’re going to share our insights into this reputable cannabis oil supplier.

Here is the breakdown of our favourite products from Koi CBD, as well as take a look into what makes this brand so renowned.

What is Koi CBD All About?

When we take a look at the quality of Koi CBD, we can’t help but be astounded. The process in which these organic oils are made is in-depth and vigorous, ensuring that we are met with a 99% pure, medicinal CBD.

How do they do it? Firstly, their cannabis is sourced from trusted hemp farmers, and secondly, it goes through a CO2 extraction to isolate the CBD. But it doesn’t stop there, after extraction, the substance is sent to be tested in an independent ISO Certified Lab. This way, Koi CBD ensures that their products are 100% natural with a 0% trace of THC.

Koi CBD’s products are tested to provide:

  • Purity (No THC or other adulterants)
  • Consistency (Maintaining levels of CBD purity between batches)
  • Safety

Every single product has CBD that can be traced back to its origins, making this company trustworthy and transparent in their workings. Their passion for cannabis oil and its ability to help people live a more healthy and happy lifestyle is unignorable, and it’s something that gives their products an extra special touch.

Each range from Koi CBD, whether it’s their gummies or their oils, has been expertly crafted and tested. This is a CBD provider that is all about quality and excellence, whilst keeping their products reasonably priced and within reach of the average person. When it comes to Koi, CBD is their expertise.

Top 5 Koi CBD Products Reviewed

Here’s what we consider to be the best products from Koi CBD’s diverse online dispensary! These are the products that we feel work well and give the most value to people using cannabis oil.

  1. Koi CBD Oil (Cannabis Oil, Tincture)

Koi CBD is founded on the principles of helping people live balanced and more fulfilling lives. Promoting a lifestyle that is supercharged by the power of organic medicine, such as their premium Koi Naturals Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil.

You can enjoy Koi CBD Oil oil in 6 different flavours if you feel like being adventurous!

Pros of Koi CBD Oil:

  • 99% pure CBD
  • Infused with other cannabis terpenes, such as CBD, CBDV, and CBG
  • Can be purchased in either 2000mg, 1000mg, 500mg, 250mg or 100mg doses in a 30ml bottle
  • IOS Lab Certified
  • Variety of natural flavours to choose from (Koi does not use any artificial flavourings)
  • Includes dropper
  • Suitable for occasional or daily use

Cons of Koi CBD Oil:

  • If the non-flavoured oil doesn’t suit you, you may not be able to find a flavour you enjoy

All in all, this product is amazing, even though we wish we could taste it in even more flavours. As you can see from our Koi CBD oil review, this oil is perfect if you’re wanting to use CBD to better your life.

If you want to try something different from Koi Naturals Pet Spray, you can even use it as an organic relief of minor symptoms forment for your cat or dog.

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  1. Koi CBD Vape Juice (E-Liquid)

When it comes to finding the best CBD vape juice, you can’t get better than Koi CBD’s range. Their extraordinary vape juices have so much to offer, and they provide a way for you to take your vaping experience to the next level.

Not only can you now enjoy your CBD with a vape pen, but you can also experiment with flavours and mix them together to make your own. Koi CBD’s e-liquid is also tested to guarantee it contains no vitamin E acetate, making it the best CBD vape oil for sale.

Get the benefits of CBD oil during your vape sessions, getting more than just a pleasurable smoking experience. Koi CBD’s vape oils are available in a range of 6 distinct flavours!

Pros of Koi CBD Vape Juice:

  • Tested for purity
  • Tested to contain no traces of vitamin E acetate
  • 0% THC
  • Food-grade vegetable glycerine makes it possible to use your vape juice as a meal supplement
  • Variety of robust, unique flavours to choose from
  • Can choose between 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg strength per 30ml bottle

Cons of Koi CBD Vape Juice:

  • The bottle could be bigger, but it is the 30ml standard

This premium range of CBD vape oil is sure not to disappoint. We enjoy the multiple flavour choices, as well as the original, flavourless option. Each one is worth giving a go, providing a fun and soothing way for you to up your organic CBD intake.

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  1. Koi CBD Gummies (Edibles)

Consuming your cannabis oil orally is one of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to take CBD. If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to enjoy your CBD, simply pop a CBD gummy in your mouth. This soft, delicious and creative product comes in 20 and 6 piece packets.

Koi CBD’s gummies have been crafted extra carefully, and have had the CBD rolled into them 3 times to make sure that each gummy has a consistent amount of the oil. This is different from other companies, who usually spray their CBD on, compromising the quality of their product. This way, the CBD stays potent and mingles well with the flavours.

Enjoy the fruity flavours, with a choice between sour tropical, or just plain tropical. Either way, these gummies are an ideal relief of minor symptoms for.

Pros of Koi CBD Gummies:

  • 99% pure CBD
  • CBD is properly rolled into gummies
  • Delicious and fruity flavours
  • Convenient to pack with you
  • Colourful packaging
  • Soft, easy-to-chew texture

Cons of Koi CBD Gummies:

  • If you don’t enjoy sweet or sour tropical taste notes, you can’t get flavourless gummies

Gummies are such a practical and effortless way to consume CBD daily, whilst also indulging in something tasty. We thoroughly enjoy the thought that has gone into this premium Koi CBD product.

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  1. Koi CBD Healing Balm (External Use)

If you’re looking for organic and natural skin relief of minor symptoms forments, this CBD balm is one of the best on the market. Whether you have sore muscles or joints, or are looking to soothe inflamed areas on your body – you will enjoy this all-natural balm. It’s topical and only intended for external use, so simply apply where needed!

Each 50ml jar has a strength of 500mg, making it a very potent relief of minor symptoms forment for your skin!

Pros of Koi CBD Healing Balm:

  • Infused with 99% pure CBD
  • Packed with Phytocannabinoids
  • Soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • Mixed with a variety of natural healing solutions, such as peppermint oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, ginger root oil, cinnamon leaf oil and more
  • A potent dose of CBD for topical use

Cons of Koi CBD Healing Balm:

  • Can’t be used during pregnancy or lactation

Give your skin that extra bit of care, and help it heal with Koi CBD’s premium cannabis-infused balm.

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  1. Koi CBD Topical Cream (Lotion, Cream)

Looking for a way to soothe yourself after a long day? Or maybe a way to relief of minor symptoms for your dry skin? Then you’ll really enjoy the healing benefits of Koi CBD’s decadent and powerful hemp-infused lavender lotion.

Koi CBD Lotion also maximizes the skin relief of minor symptoms forment of many essential oils and herbs. You’re not only getting the remarkable CBD goodness. You will get a whole whack of other potent and organic substances in each 125ml bottle.

Pros of Koi CBD Lotion:

  • Infused with 200mg of 99% pure CBD
  • Variety of essential oils and herbs used in the mixture
  • Calming lavender scent
  • 100% Organic beauty product
  • Effectively moisturises skin

Cons of Koi CBD Lotion:

  • Only comes in one size
  • Can’t be used during pregnancy or lactation

This easy-to-carry bottle can fit in your bag or stay at home for use before the start of your day, or to help relax you after a busy afternoon. However you choose to use this lotion, it will make for a great addition to your daily routine.

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Last Words on Koi CBD Review

Koi CBD makes premium, A-grade CBD products that make the healing benefits of CBD more readily available to the public. Their products are convenient and easy to use, whilst packing a punch of powerful CBD goodness.

The company has been around for a good couple of years now. It’s safe to say they have fine-tuned their process and mastered the art of providing quality CBD.

Whether you’re looking into CBD solutions for your partner, family member or your pet, you can find it with Koi CBD. It’s because of their dedication to quality and the care put into each and every item that this brand is a leading name in the cannabis industry.

Stick with us to keep up to date on all their latest releases and to learn more about their remarkable range of cannabis oil products.

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