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Where to Buy CBD Oil in South Africa (2024)

With the recent influx of cannabis products, cannabis-based extracts, and cannabis oil, it can be hard to tell what is and isn’t pure cbd oil in South Africa.

Trust, we’ve been there. Cannabis Oil South Africa vets all the products we review, and there’s a lot of misinformation, and false practice going around thanks to lack of regulation.

It’s all too easy to buy CBD oil, only to find out that it isn’t a legitimate extract, and actually just a very weak hemp salve with little to no CBD. Even worse, would be buying a non-intoxicating CBD product, only to find it was improperly made and contains intoxicating THC.

To help with this pressing issue, we’ve put together this guide to direct you towards quality, lab-tested CBD products sold in South Africa, from only the most trusted suppliers, that we’ve tried out ourselves.

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Pure CBD Oil Prices

While CBD can be expensive, the price is most certainly relative to the quality of the manufacturing process, and the starting product itself. A pure CBD Oil price should, in some ways, be an indicator of quality. Here are some of our favourite suppliers, all stocking some of the best CBD oil in South Africa.

Where to buy CBD Oil in South Africa

You might ask, where can I buy CBD oil in South Africa? Well, it just doesn’t make sense to order it from overseas anymore, as it becomes more widely available in South Africa by the day. You might not find, say a Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil in South Africa, but there are a number of places around South Africa where you can find pure CBD, from trusted vendors and manufacturers, at a reasonable price.

African Pure CBD Oil

African Pure CBD is South Africa’s favourite cannabis brand, with some of the best CBD South Africa has to offer. They launched in early 2019, with a small range of high-quality products. They have now expanded their range to include CBD for pets, everyday use, sports editions, and even a junior edition – for younger people who are looking for a milder concentration of CBD.

Our top recommendation for a pure CBD oil from this brand is the Africanpure Everyday CBD Oil – their moderate dosage product designed for basic, everyday use. This is a great option for first timers as it’s nearly tasteless, and made with utmost care and quality.

For more information on specific Africanpure products and variants, be sure to take a read of our African Pure CBD Oil Reviews page, where we’ve reviewed a number of their products for you to compare.


Koi CBD Oil

Koi CBD is one of America’s most trusted, long-standing CBD brands. They have a wide range of products all designed for different applications (such as topical/external use, gummies, lotions, oils, etc.).

Their main range consists of a group of double-use Koi CBD Vape Juices, which are also perfectly edible, meaning you can either choose to take them as an oil, or use them in your e-cigarette. You can find Koi CBD products for sale over at CBDStore, who are one of their official South African stockists.

Organica CBD Oil

Organica is one of South Africa’s longest-standing stockists of a variety of ranges of pure CBD oils, from various reputable brands (many of whom we’ve reviewed individual products from). Their store has a wide range of capsules, oils, creams, and various other forms of CBD meant for varied, everyday use.

Coyne CBD Oil is one of South Africa’s favourites, which Organica stocks. It comes in small enough dosages to be quite affordable, and is lab tested for purity and quality, making it a confidently safe buy.

Goodleaf CBD Oil

Goodleaf is the number one brick-and-mortar shop stocking CBD Oil in Cape Town. You find their premium canna-shop at 37 Buitenkant St, Zonnebloem, where they stock a number of CBD oils (both their own brands, and imports), tinctures, creams, vapes and more.

Our favourite pure CBD oil from Goodleaf is the Select CBD Oil, manufactured in the USA in a legal state, ensuring utmost quality and purity. In addition, they stock a few premium cannabis accessories such as storage pouches and pipes. They also recently launched a CBD water, making it easy for you to get a calming dose while staying hydrated.

Goodleaf is most definitely a premium brand, so if you’re looking to relief of minor symptoms for yourself and have a little extra to spend on some quality cannabis products, be sure to give them a visit! They also have an online store. So if you’re wondering where to by CBD oil on Johannesburg or other parts of the country, they’ve got you covered.

Faithful to Nature CBD Oil

Faithful to Nature Health Store Logo

One of the most reliable suppliers of pure CBD oil that we’ve come to know is Faithful to Nature. Faithful to Nature is a company that’s been around for more than ten years in South Africa, stocking only the highest quality natural, organic and alternative products for health and wellness. They have a wide coverage, similar to the brands we’ve previously mentioned, of both local and international CBD products from trusted manufacturers.

Our top choice, when it comes to pure CBD oil from FtN, would have to be Cibdol CBD Oil. This is a Swiss, medical-grade CBD brand which is world-renowned for having some of the most rigorous manufacturing standards and regulations on their products, making them an incredibly trustworthy source.

How to tell if you’re buying Pure CBD Oil in South Africa

Since there’s no government agency currently going around setting laws around what constitutes a “real CBD product”, you’ve got to do most of the work yourself. With no one checking if stores are even doing background checks on their suppliers’ products, you’ve really got to have your wits about you in order to make sure you’re buying a real CBD product and not a falsely advertised one.

The best way to check for legitimacy is lab testing. A reliable and trustworthy supplier selling CBD in South Africa will have their product tested in a lab by a third party. This will accurately reflect the content of the product with no opportunity to alter the results of the test. These test results should be readily available online from the supplier, and should have batch numbers so you can easily check the content of your purchase.

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Less efficient, but also a good idea, is checking the CBD content in mg, and see whether it’s a full plant extract, or an extract from buds only. These aren’t the sole identifiers of legitimacy, but the more transparent the company is on a whole, the more likely it is that they’re not hoodwinking you.

Lastly, email the manufacturer! If they’re a trustworthy company that isn’t trying to pull the wool over your eyes, they should get back to you with assurance and facts showing their product is legitimate, and not a case of CBD oil versus Snake Oil.

Which CBD Oil for sale is right for you?

Picking the right Pure CBD Oil for you, after you’ve found a reliable brand and product, is pretty easy. If you’re looking for instant relief, you’re probably going to either need a high CBD strain of flower, or CBD Vape Juice.

A small jar of pure cbd isolate in a hand

Otherwise, it’s much of a muchness between drops, sprays, or capsules. A mouth spray will generally act a little faster than the other two, making it great to use for appetite, anxiety or stress when relief is needed as fast as possible.

On the other hand, oil drops or capsules are great for sleep or pain, as you can simply swallow them and wait for the relief to set in after 30-90 minutes (this all depends on the individual).

All in all, it’s best advised to go with what you’re comfortable with. Whatever will best fit into your daily routine, and work for you in a way that doesn’t feel uncomfortable or unnatural – that’s what’s best for you.

What’s the deal with THC Oil / Cannabis Oil in South Africa?

THC Oil (or dagga oil, as we sometimes call it here), being an intoxicating variant of Cannabis Extracts, is still illegal to buy or sell. It’s legal to make or use in private, for personal use only.

This means that it’s something that you’re going to have to work on yourself. It’s an alternative to CBD for those who don’t mind getting high, or would rather get high when they dose their medicine. In essence, it’s pure cannabis oil – before going through any processing that might need to happen, to turn it into CBD oil.

Some, like Rick Simpson, the man who popularized full extract cannabis oil, refers to a theory called the Entourage Effect, which theorizes that cannabis is more effective as a medicine when consumed as a whole plant extract, as opposed to a single chemical extract. The reasoning behind this theory is that different cannabinoids regulate each other’s effect – for example, CBD will bring you down in terms of panic and anxiety from a high-dose THC high.

If you’re interested, why not try making your own Cannabis Oil at home – just know that it’s intoxicating, and can be very, very powerful. So dose carefully.

What else to know before you buy CBD Oil in South Africa

By this point we’ve covered just about all that you should know when looking for CBD oil in South Africa. For the last few pointers we can think of, make sure that you know the effects and uses of CBD for different purposes.

For example, if you’re using CBD oil for a serious illness, make sure you do ample reading and research beforehand, as well as possibly consulting with a doctor before deciding to go down that route.

Is CBD Oil in South Africa Legal?

Yes, CBD Oil is legal. While the framework surrounding it is still being processed, it doesn’t constitute an illicit substance as long as it is certified CBD with less than 0.3% THC. It also currently carries a daily limit of 20mg, so that means if you want to take more than that, you’ll need a prescription from a medical doctor.

The exact legal space around CBD will still be refined. Ee assume it’ll happen as part of the dagga ruling, for clarity’s sake. But for now we can assume we’re all good buying and using CBD products.

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