Pain and Inflammation

CBD Oil for Pain and Inflammation

Many people around the world are currently using CBD, either as an extract or in combination with THC, to deal with various types of pain and inflammation. Whether it’s muscle pain, joint aches or issues, arthritis or migraines, it’s become one of the most popular treatments in place of pharmaceutical pain medications. The use of CBD for pain increased even more so after a study found it effective in treating pain and inflammation in rats with osteoarthritis.

Depending on what kind of pain you’re treating, you can find different products tailored to help you target that pain, and best use CBD to treat it. For example, many find CBD oil more effective for migraines, IBS and other more internal issues; while a CBD cream or tincture seems far more effective in treating muscle pain, back or knee issues, and many other kinds of inflammation issues.

One of the big benefits of CBD for pain and inflammation is, while it might not be as effective as some pain medications, it comes with almost none of the side effects. It’s a substance which is far less harmful to the body in a general sense, and being non-intoxicating, has a lot less likelihood of impacting your quality of life, or ability to live as you normally do. Nonetheless, you should always consult your medical professional before trying CBD for pain, especially if you’re already on pain medication.

Take a look at some CBD oils, creams, and ointments below, designed to help you treat your pain.

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