CBD Oil for Insomnia

Many people are using CBD for insomnia for supposed it’s calming, relaxing and sleep promoting benefits. It has been shown to reduce anxiety, which helps some in eliminating sleep difficulties and improving one’s quality of sleep. While in low doses the compound can be shown to stimulate alertness and reduce drowsiness, in higher doses it does the opposite.

CBD can help especially with REM (Rapid Eye Movement) related sleep issues, like those associated with Parkinson’s or PTSD. In addition, it helps many on a daily basis to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety – issues that are often well associated with sleep difficulties.

CBD for sleep is best dosed high, most users find, and around an hour before bed. It takes a while to start working when eaten, so give yourself 40-50 minutes to wind down after taking a CBD supplement, before you start trying to sleep.

Take a look at our CBD supplements for sleep below:

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AfricanPure CBD Oil Review

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