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Select CBD Oil Drops Review

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Select CBD Oil Drops are a high-quality CBD oil, stocked by GoodLeaf who are one of our favourite local suppliers. Select CBD is a trusted and well known company from Oregon, USA. These CBD drops are available in four flavours of 30ml tincture, and are some of the highest quality CBD products available in South Africa.


Note: You can find links to the different flavour versions at the end of this article.

GoodLeaf, a new and trusted South African CBD supplier, has recently brought one of the USA’s best CBD products to our shores. We’re talking, of course, about Select CBD.

You may have seen our previous review of the Select CBD Vape Pen, one of our favourite new products. However, in this review we’re taking a look at the 1000mg CBD Oil from Select.

This CBD oil is a great alternative to a vape, firstly for anyone who doesn’t smoke, and secondly for those who might need to be more accurate with their dosage of CBD. You could even use the dropper as a way to add some CBD in your meals, to get your daily dose whichever way suits you best.

In this review, we’re going to cover some of the benefits of Select CBD Oil, as well as the recommended usage, and a few important points about how it’s made, and where it comes from.

The Benefits of Select CBD Oil

One of the main benefits of Select CBD Oil is that it’s trustworthy. It’s produced in Portland, Oregon, with Select appearing in Oregon Business Magazine’sTop 100 Companies to Work for in Oregon 2018 / 2019”.

The fact that their products are made in a state not only where cannabis is legal, but a good legal framework surrounds it, means that it’s one of the most trusted CBD oils you can find on the market in terms of regulation and legitimacy.

Select has gone as far as to provide a whole secondary website for their EU market, to comply with the difference in regulations across the ocean.

Many people around the world have been using Select’s CBD Oil drops to treat and assist with issues such as:

Select CBD Drops Review

Select’s CBD Oil drops come at a strength of 1000mg in a 30ml bottle. They’re available in four flavours: Unflavoured, Lemon Ginger, Lavender and Peppermint.

The flavours used are made from natural essential oils, and are perfectly safe for human consumption – they make for a great addition to this CBD oil for those who have issues with the nutty and nonspecific taste of most plain CBD oils.

These CBD oils are made from industrial hemp, in Oregon. The hemp used contains 0.0% THC, meaning there’s no risk of intoxication from the final product, nor at any stage during the process. The CBD itself is extracted using short-path distillation, which uses food-grade ethanol to separate and isolate the CBD crystals from the bulk plant matter. This is a safe method to use, and is just about as trusted as CO2 extraction, the most common and popular technique.

With 1000mg spread over a 30ml bottle, dosage instructions come in at four drops (4) three times a day. This will ensure that you stay within South Africa’s legal limit of 20mg of CBD per day.

Overall, this is a great quality CBD product from both a trusted manufacturer and supplier. If you’re looking for a new CBD oil to try, or even trying CBD for the first time, Select’s various CBD oils are the perfect choice.

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+ Positives:
  • Made in a Legal State
  • Comes from an award-winning manufacturer
- Negatives:
  • None we could find



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