CBD Cream

Topical CBD cream is a great way to enjoy the benefits of Cannabidiol without ingesting it. From hemp lotion to CBD salve for pain, there are a plethora of products available which are made to externally target pain, inflammation and a variety of other issues.

What is CBD cream? Well, simply put, CBD cream or salve is CBD infused with a body cream of some kind, meant for external use. It works along the same principle as CBD oil, but instead of being combined with oil to make it edible, it’s made into a cream so that you can use it like a salve.

Why CBD cream? Firstly, it’s all about targeting, and making CBD as efficient as possible for different ailments and issues. In the case of those treating anxiety with CBD, most find CBD drops the best method of dosing, as you can easily repeat your dose throughout the day and forget about it. With pain, however, people want to be a little more specific, and CBD cream is perfect for that.

Does CBD cream make you high? No. Most people use CBD cream to target specific pain, in a specific area. For example, someone with arthritis in their knuckles may rub the cream on their hands a few times a day. This allows the CBD to be absorbed through the skin and help alleviate pain or inflammation in the area upon which it is applied. In this way, anti-inflammatory CBD cream could be best compared to a massage – it’s going to target a specific area and work its magic there.

Whether you’re using CBD to reduce pain, inflammation, sore joints or muscles, or even skin diseases, CBD cream is probably the way you want to go for external use. There are also a number of massage oils, ointments and tinctures available for external use, some of which are more concentrated and some which aren’t.

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