Herb Essntls Cannabis Infused CBD Lip Balm


Herb Essntls cannabis lip balm offers a convenient and effective solution for dry lips. Harnessing the powers of cannabis Sativa oil, this balm helps your lips to rebuild their natural oil barrier. This will work against moisture loss – keeping your lips soft and happy. This lip balm also contains Vitamin E, evening primrose oil,…


Struggling with dry lips? This premium weed chapstick could be the solution you have been looking for! Cannabis has been in the spotlight lately due to its wide range of potential medicinal properties – fighting dry, unhappy skin being one of them. This is one of the best products from Goodleaf that focuses on cannabis skincare.

This lip balm by Herb Essntls is infused with certified organic sativa. This oil has been known to help lips rebuild their natural oil barrier in order to keep them moist, soft, and healthy.

Herb Essntl’s cannabis chapstick has got to be one of the easiest ways to utilize the benefits of this essential herb extract. No need to smoke, ingest any oils, or experience any kind of high. This is a completely safe and easy way to harness the healing properties of CBD oil. Simply tap into the goodness that cannabis has to offer to your skin through a simple lip balm.

In this review, we will take a closer look into some of the benefits of using the Herb Essntls cannabis-infused lip balm, as well as explore some important information on the product.

The Benefits of Herb Essntls Cannabis Infused Lip Balm

One of the great benefits of this herb essentials product has got to be how simple it is to use. Through the form of a really simple cannabis-infused balm, this product offers one of the easiest ways to benefit from the plant.

While ordinary lip balms may help to keep your lips soft, the addition of organic cannabis seed oil really enhances this product. This oil helps your lips to maintain and rebuild their natural oil barrier.

Alongside the cannabis oil though, there is a healthy addition of :

  • Vitamin E
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Rosemary extract

These are just some of the powerful healing compounds within Herb Esstls’ marijuana lip balm. All of these natural ingredients work together to maintain soft, hydrated, healthy lips.

If you suffer from dry or cracked lips and are looking for a natural way of helping them rebuild and retain their moisture, then the Herb Essntls cannabis-infused lip balm is a great solution.

Herb Essntls Cannabis Lip Balm Review

Herb Essntls is a brand that is well known for its use of organic cannabis in everyday products. Through the powerful potential of this plant, the Herb Essntls brand is able to provide a whole new world of wellness into their skincare range.

The cannabis lip balm contains certified organic cannabis Sativa seed oil in order to take the balm to the next level. This oil provides that extra level of protection and healing for your dry or tired lips.

Through this simple lip balm vessel, reaping the health and wellness benefits of cannabis has never been easier! This product is completely safe to use and is suitable for all kinds of people.

With the added benefits of candelilla wax and Vitamin E, your lips will receive lasting protection and moisture. This is a brilliant product for anyone who wants to use the powerful skincare potential of cannabis to help with dry and damaged lips.


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