Cibdol CBD Hand Cream Review

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If you have read any CBD cream reviews, you’ll know that Cibdol has combined the best of CBD, various vitamins and scientifically proven ingredients to produce a cannabis cream that nourishes and soothes your hands. Cibdol’s CBD hand cream is the ultimate skincare product for balanced health and ultimate care of your hands.


Chances are that not an hour goes by when you don’t use your hands for some task or other. From scrubbing dishes to typing away at a keyboard and even twisting open a bottle cap. All of these movements put a strain on our hands and while they are a resilient part of our body, they still need to be cared for and looked after.

CBD cream is taking the world by storm for its therapeutic qualities, giving your hands the TLC that they deserve.

Topical CBD Cream

While CBD is fast becoming a popular remedy for various ailments due to its endocrine benefits, studies have shown that topical application of CBD can also work wonders for various skin conditions such as treating acne and eczema.

Available in the form of CBD balm, CBD lotion, and CBD oils, CBD topical solutions are quickly starting to replace other over-the-counter solutions.

As this popularity has increased, CBD is also being used for everyday use as a means to nourish and care for skin, laying the foundation of healthy skin.

Cibdol CBD Hand Cream Review

Cibdol’s CBD topical cream is a versatile cream, meaning that it can be used to nourish and support hands that bear the brunt of dirty work, as well as hands that are rarely exposed to harsh environments.

Cibdol perfectly blends the finest ingredients to result in a balanced hand cream that can suit everyone’s needs – simply rub into your hands as needed throughout the day for a soft and well-cared feeling.


Ingredients include Allantoin which soothes, protects and restores the skin, Helianthus Annuus seed oil which works deeply to strengthen the skin, vitamin A to moisturize the skin and, of course, CBD which hydrates and rejuvenates the skin with its rich anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Each bottle of cream contains 200 milligrams of CBD per 100 milliliters.

Proper Use

In order to make full use of the 12-month shelf life of the cream, follow these storage guidelines:

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Store in a dry room between 8 and 25 degrees in temperature
  • Avoid exposure to direct heat and sunlight

Cibdol’s CBD hand cream meets the same high standard of all of Cibdol’s products. Their brand requirements ensure that all of their products are made from organic grade hemp and are free of pesticides, toxins, growth hormones, or GMO’s.

This means that when you open your bottle of Cibdol’s hand cream, you can enjoy the rich nourishment guilt-free, knowing that you are giving your hands the best care possible.

Extraction Method
+ Positives:
  • No THC side effects
  • Organically grown hemp-derived product
- Negatives:
  • Slightly pricey
  • Shelf-life is 12 months



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