Cibdol CBD Anti-Aging Cream

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Cibdol’s CBD anti-aging cream comes highly recommended when looking for a product with a focus on using the benefits of CBD for wrinkles and anti-aging properties. Cibdol’s CBD anti-aging cream is a CBD cream that combines shea butter, allantoin and CBD to offer 24-hour moisture and nourishment to the skin, giving shine and a youthful appearance to tired skin.


CBD is taking the world by storm for its many uses ranging from pain relief, stress-relief, mood enhancements, and even aiding in the recovery of cancer patients.

Another area where CBD is gaining traction is on the general vitality of skin. Articles are popping up all over discussing the trend of CBD skincare and products are flooding the market. So, how do you choose which cannabis skin care product is best for you?

CBD anti-aging wrinkle cream

CBD Skin Care

CBD cream can be used to help with a variety of skin care routines. It is being used as a solution for anti-aging and wrinkles, treating acne and sensitive skin. Considering the CBD oil’s antioxidant value combined with its significant soothing properties, it is no wonder that CBD oil is being marketed in the beauty industry.

Cibdol CBD Anti-Aging Cream Review

Cibdol is a leading CBD skin care company. True to the standard of all Cibdol’s branded products, which are organic grade hemp grown in Europe without the use of pesticides, toxins, growth hormones, or GMO’s, the anti-aging cream uses hemp plants with the highest concentrations of CBD. This results in consistent quality guaranteed.

The cream only has minor traces of THC (below 0.03%, the limit beneath which cannabis becomes ‘hemp’), which means that you will have absolutely no psychoactive effects that are produced by THC when using the cream. Their unique formula uses the best of various ingredients to energise, soothe and nourish the skin.

As a cannabis skin care product, Cibdol’s CBD anti-aging cream helps remove wrinkles by combining the therapeutic effects of CBD with the hydrating effect of shea butter and the softness from allantoin to help your skin achieve a healthy, natural balance.

CBD anti-aging cream

The Ultimate CBD Skincare Product

The 24-hour anti-aging CBD moisturizer can be applied by massaging the cream into the face, neck, and chest for a long-lasting effect. In fact, the product can be applied wherever needed. After all, wrinkles are not confined to the facial area.

To make the most out of your product, it should be stored correctly. Guidelines for storage are as follows:

  • Store at room temperature (between 8 and 25 degrees)
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and heat
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Use within 12 months after opening

The cream contains 100mg of CBD for every 50 milliliters of cream and has been dermatologically tested.

Overall, Cibdol has upheld the standards of a highly effective CBD anti-aging cream that combats wrinkles in a natural and healthy way, helping you to achieve a balanced and silky tone.

Extraction Method
+ Positives:
  • No THC side effects
  • Organically grown hemp-derived product
  • 24-hour moisturizing anti-aging effect
- Negatives:
  • Slightly pricey



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