Elixinol CBD Liposome Oil Review


Elixinol’s CBD Oil comes in a nifty 30 ml spray bottle and features a refreshing citrus flavour. The CBD hemp oil is pre-dissolved and embedded into microscopic liposomes which allows for optimal absorption to better support cellular health.


The spill-proof bottle contains a real fruit flavour and is naturally sweetened with Stevia herb extract. A quick five dispensable pumps under the tongue is enough to allow the cannabinoids to do their work.

Liposomal CBD (Oil)

What are liposomes? Simply put, liposomes are little pockets of fatty tissue. Their role is to transport nutrients between molecules. The partnership between CBD and liposomes is iconic, with liposomes offering the perfect transport method to get the best nutrients of the CBD directly delivered to the body’s cells.

liposome structure

Liposomal CBD is a specially formulated dietary supplement that helps deliver the benefits of cannabinoids without the effects of a “high” which are produced by THC. Most products on the market these days are associated with combining a botanical element with the extract of the hemp plant.

The liposomal delivery of the CBD means that there is maximum delivery of the hemp components that aid pain-relief, reduction of anxiety and various other CBD-related benefits. Their efficient delivery of CBD components has made CBD liposomes a hot topic.

Elixinol Review

A closer look at Elixinol CBD reviews shows that Elixinol CBD Oil with Liposomes upholds the same standard as other Elixinol brands. As a global leader in CBD hemp distribution, the country distributes only the best hemp oil products to 40 countries around the world.

Only specially-selected hemp plants with high CBD concentrations are used. The Elexinol hemp extract method is conducted during a laboratory-controlled process (called Full Spectrum Super Critical CO2 Extraction) to result in a first-class product. And that is exactly what you can expect with Elixinol’s CBD Oil with Liposomes.

Elixinol CBD Oil Review (and Liposomes)

Elixinol’s CBD Oil and Liposomes bottle is sold in a 30 ml spray dispenser bottle, containing 300 mg of CBD hemp oil extract. All it takes is five quick pumps under the tongue, or added to water, twice a day for the average user.

With each citrus serving, up to 5 mg of CBD and valuable nutrients are ingested. The citrus twist product is a full-spectrum hemp extract and doesn’t contain a speck of synthetic cannabinoids, rather an organic hemp C02 extract.

Elixinol’s use of safe technology to embed the CBD hemp oil into microscopic liposomes allows the hemp oil liposomes to absorb more cannabinoids with the help of naturally occurring phospholipids. As a result, your cellular health improves with the direct delivery of cannabinoids directly into the cell.

Overall, Elixinol’s CBD Oil and Liposomes is a great, organic product that helps the CBD nutrients achieve maximum effect.


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