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Cannabuddy 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets


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Just like humans, our pets have an endocanaboilod system, this means that the use of CBD oil can help them with normal body functions that may be causing an issue with our pets on a daily basis.

How CBD For Pets Work

Cannabuddy’s CBD pet oil is full-spectrum meaning that it affects both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, these receptors are responsible for the communication in your pets central nervous system and immune system helping to promote, digestion, appetite, mood regulation in the form of anxiety/fear and aggression, irregular bowel movement, sleep as well as keeping a healthy coat and skin.

Our pets cannot physically tell us that they have issues like how we can talk to our doctors. CBD oil is not a cure but rather a supplement to help give our pets the best quality of life helping with underlying issues they may be suffering from but cannot communicate with us.

CBD has also been used as an anti-inflammatory, helping with arthritis.

  • It is recommended not to exceed 20mg of CBD daily
  • This full-spectrum contains less than 0.001% THC
  • 1mg/drop
  • 30ml bottle
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CBD Dosage For Pets

Cannabuddy has created a fantastic table to help you understand the correct dosage for your pets against their weight and the concentrate of CBD you may need to give to them. It is recommended to start off with the “low dose” as this starts a build-up of CBD in your pet’s system and you can monitor what changes happen as you increase the dosage to the medium and then later if needed the strong dose. follow the link to view the CBD dosage for pets.

Always consult with your pet’s vet before giving them CBD.

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Cannabuddy 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets
Cannabuddy 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets


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