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Elixinol CBD Oil Price & Review

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Elixinol, founded in 1993 to research longevity and increasing quality of life, makes CBD extracts at two different strength levels from the highest quality European industrial hemp. They strive to deliver all the benefits of CBD in a simple and efficient way, using fantastic extraction and testing methods to ensure quality and consistency across all their products.


Elixinol Hemp CBD Extract is currently one of the most popular brands of CBD in South Africa. Arriving in two strengths – 100 mg and 300 mg respectively, they make for a great solution to staggered CBD dosing for those in need of constant or repetitive treatment.


Elixinol CBD Oil Review

This high-quality extract comes in two dosages, as previously mentioned – 100 mg and 300 mg. For the beginner, 100 mg is a good starting point, with 300 mg being more appropriate for treating things like insomnia or appetite loss, or a user with more body weight.

Elixinol’s oils come in two flavours: the unflavoured option has a nutty, strong flavour with hints of the stereotypical cannabis flavour profile. For those who aren’t fans of a strong-tasting oil, there is a cinnamint alternative which has a spicy, minty, fresh flavour.

Being a CBD extract, Elixinol naturally contains no THC, and as a result, won’t get you high. If you need any assurance, simply look to the fact that it’s a hemp oil Click’s sells over the counter. The extract is also GMO-free, as well as containing no dangerous synthetic chemicals.

The oil is extracted using a solvent-free extraction (ie. no harmful chemicals are used in the extraction process), making it a clean and green option compared to some CO2 extracted oils available on the marketplace. The only ingredients are Coconut MCT Oil (used as a carrier) and Hemp Oil, making this extract perfect for anyone worried about the transparency of ingredients going into their body.

The recommended dosage is 0,5ml three times a day, depending on the condition. With 5mg CBD per serving, you can dose accordingly or even ask your GP or Medical Health Professional for advice with regard to the dose. With more specific treatments like insomnia or appetite loss, however, it’s advised to use the oil as needed (ie. before you sleep or eat).

Lastly, this oil is a great source of essential amino acids that are essential to keeping the brain healthy and full of handy nutrients. It’s rich in iron and magnesium, and a great source of Vitamin E, Carotene and Phytosterols.

Although it’s not cheap, CBD oil never is, and Elixinol is a particularly reasonably priced option. You won’t be disappointed by the results.

What makes this hemp oil South Africa‘s Best?

While the quality of this extract is top notch, and customers speak highly of its results, there’s more to CBD oil than a brand or a name. A high-quality CBD oil should contain a number of Cannabinoids such as CBN, CBC, and CBG – all of these when combined, can help immensely with issues such as:

As a bonus, CBD doesn’t have any major side effects, giving it a step up above pharmaceutical medicines treating the same ailments. Many people who have taken medication for anxiety or insomnia find that CBD is a much milder treatment with fewer side effects, and for many a better day-to-day option.

Extraction Method
Not Intoxicating
+ Positives:
  • Manufactured with rigorous extraction and testing methods
  • Varying Strengths
  • Products come with batch numbers for added transparency
- Negatives:
  • Price might be steep for some

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  1. Matt

    I got my mom started in this oil, really great for peolpe who want to try it. Not strong so maybe for first timers

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