Foria CBD Intimacy – Vaginal Stimulating CBD Lube

Foria CBD Intimacy has brought out a vaginal stimulating CBD lube that comes with an ergonomic applicator. This marijuana lubricant is a high-quality formula that stimulates the erogenous zones of the vagina by acting on the cannabinoid receptors. Each bottle of 120ml contains up to 200mg of CBD, and the recommended amount of doses per…



Along with all of the healing benefits of cannabis and CBD extracts, there is another aspect to its properties that isn’t as well-known. This has recently been explored by this product from faithful to nature, and we’re here to share the news!

This vaginal stimulating serum has been innovatively designed to bring a whole new level of pleasure to the world of cannabis consumers and enthusiasts. The cannabis oil sex product has been made to use the profound benefits of cannabinoids to assist in sexual wellness.

How does this serum work? We will discuss everything that makes this cannabis-infused sensual product a must-have for all who want to try something new and exciting.

Foria CBD Intimacy – Vaginal Stimulating Serum

Maintaining your sexual health is vital, and that’s something that Foria Intimacy understands. There is always room to add more spice to your sex life, whether you are single, or have been married for over 40 years. With this cannabis sex product, you can introduce something fun and herbal in the bedroom.

Using cannabis lube is a fun way to explore the properties of marijuana! Not only is this a great way to explore ways of increasing your sexual health, but it is a fantastic option to assist women who are going through menopause or other hormonal issues.

This serum can help to balance out your sex drive and aid in balancing the natural vaginal chemicals and bacteria. Women who are recovering from cancer relief of minor symptoms forments can also use this cannabis-based lube.

The added bonus of cannabinoids to encourage sexual wellness and overall vaginal health has many amazing uses for all kinds of women. Here are some of the possible benefits of this premium CBD oil lube:

  • Stimulates the neurochemistry associated with libido, pleasure and sensation
  • Cannabinoids that relax the body
  • Moisturizer
  • Sexual wellness
  • Safe for internal use
  • Verified as free of pesticides, heavy metals, moulds and other microbes
  • Vegan friendly
  • Organic ingredients
  • Palm oil free

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The cannabinoid combination with Foria’s formulation makes vaginal stimulation serum unlike any other! You can enjoy this product with the knowledge that it is safe, with no toxic chemical compounds. It is primarily made from cannabis oils and non-GMO botanical-based extracts. The CBD oil within the serum works on the female endocannabinoid system, and causes the muscles to relax, allowing for more sexual pleasure from the weed lube.

You can use this serum externally or internally, as it is likely not to irritate the vulva like other oil-based lubricants can. The CBD and CBG are known cannabis compounds that promote orgasms and provide a way to experience more complete sexual satisfaction. This is especially helpful for women with overly sensitive clitoral and vaginal anatomies.

The many facets of cannabis oil’s effects are creatively included in this sensual marijuana lube! This product does not cause a ‘high’ when used, as it contains non-psychoactive cannabinoids (such as CBD and CBG) exclusively. Without the THC (the compound within marijuana that is responsible for the psychoactive effects), this lube will not cause an altered state of consciousness.

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Foria CBD Intimacy – Vaginal Stimulating Serum Review

This isn’t just any CBD lube, this sensual cannabis product has been designed to stimulate erogenous receptors of a woman’s endocannabinoid system. The ergonomic applicator makes this cannabis-infused serum hygienic and easy to apply, allowing for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. What really sets this marijuana lube apart from any other sex oil products on the market is the way that it uses the endocannabinoid system to assist in vaginal stimulation.

Foria’s sexual products contain no artificial ingredients or synthetic lubricants, making them safe for either external or internal use. The serum has been independently tested to meet EU Bio and GMP standards and contains no pesticides, heavy metals, moulds and other microbes.

Each 8ml bottle of Foria Intimacy’s vaginal stimulating CBD lube contains up to 35 doses. The recommended amount of doses per session varies: for single women, it’s 1 – 2 doses, for heterosexual couples,  2 – 3 doses, and for lesbian couples,  2 – 4 doses.

Each pump of this CBD lube is approximately 0.230mcl and provides an excellent new way to increase the pleasure and wellness within your sex life. We love the originality of this vaginal stimulating marijuana lubricant made from Cheeba Africa, Foria, and look forward to seeing how cannabis oil inspires more new products like this!


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