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This Medical Grade CBD Oil from Cibdol is produced in a Swiss laboratory with the finest grade of European hemp. They’re an advanced CBD producing laboratory supplying the finest of details, down to individual batch reports on their products.




Cibdol is a Swiss Laboratory producing some of the highest quality CBD extracts available worldwide. They use 100% naturally grown European hemp of the finest grade, and use the Swiss Method when manufacturing to ensure the utmost quality in all their products.


They generally extract CBD via the CO2 extraction method and attempt to maximize the effectiveness of the cannabinoid CBD without the presence of waxes, fats, and chlorophyll.

Cibdol then decarboxylates their extract to ensure it’s as orally active as possible, as well as purifying it and enriching the terpenes in the oil for better flavours and aromas.

They also have incredible quality control, where you can look up which batch your product was from, and ascertain the levels of different compounds in your product through their accurate scientific testing results.

Their products range from pure CBD oils of different strengths to CBD Multivitamins and Supplements, CBD Hemp Seed Oils and Liposomal CBD oils which help the CBD become more effectively absorbed.

Cibol is one of your top picks for the finest and purest cannabis/hemp extracts, and will surely not disappoint you with their incredible quality and attention to detail.

Benefits of the Hemp Oil


CBD is one of the therapeutic chemicals in the cannabis family which also happens to be non-psychoactive – it doesn’t get you high. While usually ingested along with a number of other compounds like THC and THC-V, CBD as an isolate makes for the best way to introduce CBD as a supplement or medicine into your daily routine.

While the research is still developing, CBD or Cannabidiol has been shown, both anecdotally and scientifically, to contain a number of properties such as:

  • Anti-anxiety
  • Alleviating insomnia
  • Lowering inflammation
  • Fighting arthritis symptoms as a topical lotion
  • Combating neuropathic pain
  • More recently, helping prevent seizures in those prone

All in all, it’s somewhat of a wonder drug – and since the World Health Organisation reported it has “no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential”. As a result, rushes to study, manufacture and sell CBD oil have vastly increased since.

Cibdol Review

The Cibdol CBD Oil is a 4% extract, which is a mild to standard dosage, and bound with olive oil as a carrier (meaning you can eat it and put it on food, but not vape it). The oils are extracted via the CO2 extraction process, after which they are decarboxylated to ensure oral bioavailability. Finally, the oil is enriched with terpenes for flavour, and entered into Cibdol’s quality control process.

As a result, this is one of the purest CBD oils available in South Africa, with accurate medical and dosage information which is controlled batch to batch. This Cibdol oil is simply the best choice for a CBD oil you can buy in SA, and at a dosage of 3 to 4 drops three times a day (just don’t exceed ten (10) drops per day), a bottle should last you a little while. It can be taken orally or prepared with food (be sure not to cook or heat the oil).

As with many other CBD extracts, the price on this product is quite steep, partly due to it being somewhat of a novelty product, and partly due to it being imported from a high-end Swiss laboratory. You’re definitely getting what you’re paying for (give or take some import tax), and if you can afford to reach deep enough into your pocket for this CBD extract, you won’t be disappointed.

2 reviews for Cibdol CBD Oil Review (Compare Prices)

  1. Jake

    This was the oil that worked best for me

  2. Matt

    Quite a nice CBD oil, its looks a little more trusted then the local ones around

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