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CBD Dosage Chart & Calculator | For Pets and People

Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in so many different products these days. Tinctures, gummies, and coffee are just a few of the ways you can ingest CBD. However, what is the correct dosage for you and your pet?

Humans and pets have very different endocannabinoid systems so therefore they react differently to CBD and THC. You wouldn’t give a human-sized dose of CBD oil to a dog. From the other point of view, you may need a slightly higher dose than what is found in pet CBD oil.

This article is designed to help you calculate what measurement of CBD oil you and your pets need, including a CBD oil dosage chart.

CBD Oil Dosage

Most people these days have heard of the health benefits associated with CBD. In order for you to feel those advantages, how much CBD should you take? Getting the dosage right is the only way to assist with your ailments accurately.

Remember: These guidelines are for taking CBD, it is not the same as the THC-containing cannabis oil dosage.

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General Dosage for People

There are a few determining factors when it comes to the right amount of CBD to take. Your body weight, the affliction that you are trying to relief of minor symptoms for, the concentration of CBD in the individual product (pill/gummy/tincture/etc.) and even your individual body chemistry can affect your CBD prescription.

It is recommended to start by asking your doctor when seeking the right measurement of CBD. In general, it is best to start small and go bigger. A good amount for first time users is 5-10mg a day. Increase your dosage in increments of 1-2mg per week until it starts working for you (but do not exceed 20mg as per the government’s recommendation).

General Dosage for Pets

When it comes to your pets, like cats and dogs, there are luckily not so many points to consider. The right amount of CBD that your pet takes is related to their weight, the severity of the symptoms that you are relief of minor symptoms foring and also the potency of the product that your pet is consuming.

If you want the perfect dose for your pets, then speaking to your vet is the best thing to do. If they cannot point you in the right direction then do not fear because you can simply follow the ‘start small and go big’ method mentioned above.

As a rule of thumb, start with 0.1mg per pound that your pet weighs. You can increase the dosage every week depending on the results.

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CBD Oil Calculator

For most products out there today, you can tell the dosage by reading the packaging. For example, 150mg gummies from Whoomp will have that amount of CBD per packet. Therefore each gummy will contain 150mg divided by the number of sweets in the packet (if there are 10 gummies then it is 15mg per piece). However, what if you don’t want such a high single-dose?

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as dividing the gummy and getting the same potency ratio (in other words, it’s not a guarantee that half a gummy will have half the potency). A lot of companies sell tincture bottles of CBD oil, which is much easier to correctly dose smaller amounts.

If you are using CBD oil in a tincture, then your bottle will probably have a dropper. By law, the product should say the amount of CBD per drop but if it doesn’t you can also calculate it yourself.

First, you need the drop size. Every bottle should tell you how much CBD there is in total and this will be measured in milligrams (mg). Each drop from the dropper is approximately 0.05 milliliters.

Next, you need to calculate how many drops are in your bottle. If your bottle is 30ml, then there should be 600 drops in that bottle (30/0.05). Lastly, you will divide the potency of the bottle by the amount of drops in that bottle. Let’s say the bottle is 600mg, then you would divide that by 600 drops to get 1mg of CBD per drop.

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CBD Oil Dosage Charts

If you want to have a look at what dose of CBD you should be on, then feast your eyes on these graphs. Just follow the guidance based on your weight and how severe your symptoms are.

CBD Chart For People

This is the recommended dosage chart for people. If your doctor tells you to take a different dosage, then it is always best to take their advice. This is just a general guideline.

Condition Severity
Weight Low dose Medium dose Strong dose
100 lbs (45 kg) 5 mg 10 mg 15 mg
125 lbs (57 kg) 6 mg 13 mg 18 mg
150 lbs (68 kg) 8 mg 15 mg 20 mg
175 lbs (79 kg) 11 mg 17 mg 20 mg
200 lbs (91 kg) 13 mg 20 mg 20 mg
225 lbs (102 kg) 15 mg 20 mg 20 mg
250 lbs (113 kg) 20 mg 20 mg 20 mg

CBD Chart For Pets

If you want to give your pets some CBD, then these are the guidelines. Pets in this case refer to dogs and cats, if you have any other pets and you think that they could benefit from CBD then first consult your vet. The potency will depend on the severity of the symptoms that you are relief of minor symptoms foring and the weight of your little friend.

Condition Severity
Pet weight Low dose Medium dose Strong dose
About 4.6kg 1mg 3mg 5mg
About 9kg 2mg 6mg 10mg
About 13kg 3mg 8mg 15mg
About 18mg 4mg 10mg 20mg
About 22kg 5mg 12mg 20mg
About 25kg 6mg 14mg 20mg
About 30 kg 7mg 16mg 20mg
About 35kg 8mg 18mg 20mg
About 40kg 9mg 20mg 20mg
About 45kg 10mg 20mg 20mg

CBD Measurement for Specific Symptoms

Apart from your weight or CBD tolerance, there is another important thing to consider when choosing your dosage. The ailment that you want to relief of minor symptoms for, and the severity thereof, will also determine what potency you need.

For example, if you want to 150mg gummies from Whoomp, then you will need a different dosage than if you were relief of minor symptoms foring insomnia. Therefore, it is always best to consult with a healthcare practitioner about what the right amount is for your symptoms.

You will also have to adjust the potency of your medication depending on the extremity of your condition. If you have the most extreme symptoms then you will need to take the highest prescribed dosage.

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Find the Right CBD Dosage for You and Your Furry Friends

You don’t need a CBD benefits chart to show you the healing power of this cannabinoid, you can feel it. That is if you are taking the correct dosage.

Luckily you can now rest assured knowing that you and your precious fluff balls are taking the right measurements for your symptoms. Let us know what amount of CBD is perfect for you and your pets.

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