Soulflower CBD Vape Juice

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This range of CBD Juices from Soulflower is a high-quality selection of liquids, with great flavour options and a high dosage of CBD for immediate relief. They can be used in any common vape pen with a refillable mechanism, and even a pod if you were finicky enough to crack one open.



Soulflower has hit the market with a wonderful selection of flavoured e-juices for vaporizers and mods, for those looking for a different route of administration for their CBD. While both vaping and CBD are new to some, they’re well reported on anecdotally, making it easy for you to predict what kind of dosage and amount you’d want to order to suit your needs.

If you’re interested in making your own, take a look at our guide on how to make CBD Vape Juice.

Note: Our main check price button will send you to the ‘Mango Frostbite’ flavour. To look at the other flavours, you can find buttons at the end of this review.

CBD Vapes vs CBD Oil

CBD Oils, when ingested, are a great way of dosing CBD. When properly made, it’s simple to dose accurately and get the desired effects. However, a CBD vape is a much faster, more potent way of getting the relief you need from Cannabidiol.

The onset of vaped CBD is much faster and stronger, allowing you to near immediately tell if you’re getting enough relief from the dose you’ve taken. Vaping CBD is more commonly popular amongst those already acquainted with smoking – if you’re used to having a joint to relax, for example, but don’t want to get high at work or in public, a CBD vape is perfect for you.

CBD vapes are also a great way to try and quit cigarettes. Continuing the act of smoking, yet without the nicotine, and with the added bonus of calming CBD keeping your nerves, stress, and fidgeting at bay.

Soulflower CBD Vape Juice Review

Coming in at a very potent strength of 400mg/30ml, this is a high-end CBD product that strives to relieve your anxiety, stress, insomnia or appetite problems as quickly as possible. The maximum recommended dose is 1ml/day, which results in a daily dose of 13.3mg of CBD.

The CBD extract is mixed with VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and PG (Propylene Glycol) fluids for a great balance of clouds and flavour, and is bonded early on in the process to glycerin, potentiating terpenes and flavonoids (the natural compounds that give weed its taste). Soulflower juices also arrive in four delicious flavours:

  • Mango Frostbite · Mango, Mint, Blueberry
  • Fat Fox · Watermelon, Strawberry, Coconut
  • Rebel Bunny · Litchi, Vanilla, White Grape
  • Baby Peaches · Peach, Strawberry, White Grape

With 0% nicotine or THC, this is an extremely high-quality and clean CBD option. It’s made with Certified USDA Organic Full Terpene Spectrum CBD, which sounds complicated but really just means that: It’s organic, Non-GMO, tastes great and retains a lot of the natural properties of the plant even as an isolate.

This extract is also incredibly well priced when compared to many other cannabis oils or CBD juices, at a price of just over R1/mg.

Soulflower really hit the nail on its head with these e-juices, and will surely have us keeping our ears perked as we move ever-further forward into a beautifully blossoming cannabis industry.



Extraction Method
Not Intoxicating
+ Positives:
  • Four Flavour Options
  • All-natural and organic CBD
  • No nicotine
- Negatives:
  • One one strength option



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