Phoenix Tears Review

Phoenix Tears are a THC containing extract (meaning it will get you high, as opposed to CBD) based on an extraction method popularized by Rick Simpson. It’s popular among those relief of minor symptoms foring pain, insomnia, appetite loss and even cancer; and is easy to make at home making it one of the most…



[wpsm_box type=”info” float=”none” text_align=”left”] Please Note: This is a review of a full-spectrum Cannabis Extract. This means that unlike CBD Products, Phoenix Tears contain THC at a high level and will get you high if you take it.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at the benefits of these Phoenix Tears.

What are Phoenix Tears? Well, they’re a full-spectrum extract of the cannabis plant using a method which uses plant matter and a solvent to create a solution. This solution is then strained of all plant matter once infused, and the solvent evaporated by cooking for a long period of time, leaving you with an extremely pure and potent cannabis extract.

What makes Phoenix Tears the most popular full-spectrum Dagga Oil for Cancer?

This kind of hash oil is a popular method of taking cannabis as a medicine by those who don’t mind the high effects, or those who might in fact be looking to get high during relief of minor symptoms forment. Rick Simpson, the creator of this method, claims he used this oil to relief of minor symptoms for his cancer, and that of many other of his patients (despite Simpson not being a medical expert by any degree) – however it’s more commonly used as a sleep aid, or for pain or appetite management.

One of the things that makes this extract so popular is the fact that it’s relatively easy extract you can make at home. It only requires a number of household items, and some easily found supplies from your pharmacy or hardware store.

Secondly, many users claim that the properties of cannabis are more efficiently delivered via THC-containing extract. With the full spectrum of cannabinoids present in the extract, you’re not missing out on any of the effects of any of the trace cannabinoids present in your plant. However, since there’s not a whole lot of scientific research on this topic – mostly anecdotal reports – it’s important to do your own research and tests to see if this oil will work for you.

Phoenix Tears Review

These cannabis oil drops are extremely potent – let’s make that clear. A rice grain-sized dose is recommended for first timers, and will likely get you very high. Within 45-90 minutes you should feel a numbing, calming and sleepy high beginning to set on.

This high is similar to the effects of edibles (allowing certain cannabinoids not active during smoking to become active when metabolised by the liver), and it’s important to be very cautious while dosing as too big of a dose will make you very, very stoned and could lead to panic or an uncomfortable experience.

The taste of this extract is hard to describe – it’s oily, tastes like leaves, a little bitter, but quite tasty to some. For those who’d prefer not to taste it when taking it, you could simply put a drop on a cracker or gummy and eat it like that – some even prefer smoking the extract, by placing a strip of it down a rolling paper and making a joint on top of it.

The only downside we noticed with this extract was that one can often be quite sleepy the next day, depending on the dosage you take. It’s definitely not an extract appropriate for work or strenuous activity, nor operating heavy machinery – so be cautious.

Where to buy Rick Simpson Oil in South Africa

While if you ask around, you can find vendors making or selling Phoenix Tears on order, the easiest and most risk-free way to get your hands on some of this good stuff would be to make it yourself.

Proceed with caution when making it, as you don’t want to be working with solvents in an unsafe manner, nor do you want these solvents ending up in your final product. If you follow instructions closely and accurately, taking no shortcuts, you should end up with a perfect, lovely cannabis extract that’s ready for dosing as soon as it’s cooled.


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