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Herb Essntls Cannabis Perfume Oil

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Herb Essntls Cannabis-Infused Perfume Oil combines the powers of organic fragrance bases with the healing benefits of D-limonene from orange oil, benzyl benzoate and vitamin E. With the fresh Sativa cannabis bud, citrus and bergamot base, this premium cannabis perfume is elegant and has been made to suit the needs of your skin.

 Made in the USA, Herb Essntls cannabis-infused perfume oil has been passionately crafted to bring you a high-quality, enriching, cannabis-based beauty product.



With cannabis and CBD extract products all coming into the mainstream recently, it is no surprise that this multi-purpose plant has now been used to inspire and co-create beauty products! One of the most innovative of these new products is cannabis fragrances.  

Herb Essntls Cannabis-Infused Perfume Oil is a wonderful new product on the market, and offers a unique scent that will last for hours. What is it that makes this premium product so amazing? We will share with you everything you need to know about this marijuana perfume.

 Let’s start!

Benefits of Herb Essntls Cannabis-Infused Perfume Oil

This cannabis-infused perfume oil from Goodleaf has some wonderful attributes that set it aside from any other kind of chemically mixed oils. Firstly, the ingredients used for the fragrance notes are all completely natural. As for the synthetic ingredients, like benzyl benzoate, they are non-toxic and provide a handful of healing benefits of their own to this weed perfume.

The all-natural fragrance bases add a soothing, therapeutic effect to this cannabis oil-infused perfume. Other great ingredients in this cannabis product from Herb Essntls are D-limonene, vitamin E orange oil. All of these added oils have many health and skin benefits that can be enjoyed when using your bottle of Herb Essntls Cannabis-Infused Perfume Oil.

These are the potential benefits of these added ingredients:

  • Skin moisturizer
  • Reducing skin itching
  • Preventing or minimizing the appearance of scars
  • Preventing cancer
  • Immune booster

With all of these added benefits, this cannabis fragrance oil is really hard to match!

Herb Essntls Cannabis-Infused Perfume Oil Review

The Herb Essntls Cannabis-infused perfume oil has been lovingly made with a base of marijuana buds. This base not only consists of locally grown cannabis buds but also has patchouli and dry amber as well, altogether making an all-natural perfume base that is truly magnificent.

The notes from the top of this premium cannabis oil based fragrance are tantalizing citrus and bergamot that add a sensational fragrance to this high-quality cannabis product. When applied, you will find that these all-natural ingredients will overwhelm you, but they settle after a few moments, giving way to the deeper base notes of pure herbal essences, such as the marijuana fragrance.

All of these organic fragrance notes come together to make a Cannabis-infused perfume oil that is unbeatable. The oil also contains D-limonene from orange oil, benzyl benzoate and vitamin E to enrich it, making it something that is completely healthy for your skin. This product can be used daily and is easy to use.

The Cannabis extract used in this oil is exclusively Cannabis Sativa oil, adding a fragrance that is not only calming but also smells remarkably beautiful!

+ Positives:
  • Cannabis fragrance
  • Enriched with D-limonene, orange oil, & vitamin E
  • Added scents of citrus & bergamot
- Negatives:
  • Not suitable for people with citrus allergies



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