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Cibdol Softgel CBD Capsules

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This Swiss-produced, medical CBD product is of top quality, made of the highest grade European industrial hemp. Cibdol has years of experience in producing and refining CBD, with a range of high-quality products that are lab tested, complete with batch reports that you, the user, can look up to see the exact contents of your product from any given batch.


This is an ever-more popular product from Faithful to Nature, one of South Africa’s most reliable and knowledgeable stockists of CBD products. From the same range as our previously reviewed Cibdol CBD Oil, these softgel capsules come in varying strengths, in bottles of 60 capsules, to help you best attain your preferred dose of CBD.

Cibdol, as a manufacturer, has an incredible level of quality control and consistency, as well as making use of third-party lab analysis to ensure their products contain exactly what is stated on the packaging, in the correct levels and dilutions.

What are the benefits of the CBD Oil Capsules Faithful to Nature stocks?

The main benefit of taking CBD Capsules above using an oil, is that they’re a lot easier to take, and to remember to take. Much like a multivitamin or antihistamine, you can easily work them into your daily routine – simply swallow one and forget about it.

These Cibdol capsules contain a dose of high quality extracted CBD which can be used to treat a number of issues and ailments from pain, to stress; anxiety to sleeplessness; and even cancer-related issues, like many around the world are doing.

They’re a simple, no-frills way to get your daily dose of CBD in a quick, simple and inconspicuous manner.

Cibdol Softgel CBD Capsules Review

Extracted using a lab-safe CO2 extraction method (one of the safest and most reliable ways to extract CBD from plant matter), these capsules arrived in 4% and 10% strength options, containing 6.4mg and 16mg of CBD respectively. This means they’re some of the safest CBD Capsules South Africa has to offer.

They contain no psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC, meaning you have no worries about accidental intoxication – simply put, these capsules won’t get you high at all. The CBD is bound with olive oil as a carrier, as well as infused with terpenes (the essential oils of the cannabis plant) to encourage the entourage effect when taken alone. Note, however, that these capsules are made using a bovine gelatine casing, meaning they’re not vegan/vegetarian.

These capsules come highly rated for treating pain and inflammation, as well as sleep issues and seizures – a newfound use for CBD supplements where they really gain stature as a ‘wonder drug’.

Dosages for the 6.4mg capsules are one capsule three times a day, and for the 16mg capsule you can take one per day. While the price might be daunting to some, these are some of the highest quality CBD extracts being imported into South Africa at the present moment, and shouldn’t be taken lightly in terms of their quality and effectiveness.

Extraction Method
Not Intoxicating
+ Positives:
  • Enriched with Terpenes
  • CO2 Extraction
  • Varying Dosages
- Negatives:
  • Price may be too steep for some



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