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LeafLabs CBD for Pets

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This CBD pet oil can be used to treat everything from inflammation, seizures and skin itching. Each 30ML bottle of LeafLabs CBD oil for pets contains 300mg of CBD, which translates to 10mg of CBD per ML. The CBD oil within this tincture has been lab-tested to ensure purity and has been mixed with a MCT coconut oil solvent.

 You can choose to treat your pets with this organic CBD oil either orally or topically, as this tincture is safe to be used either way.

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CBD oil, and its effectiveness on our beloved pets, is something veterinary clinics around the world are looking into. CBD is a potentially herbal healing medicine and multivitamin for our fur family. Those looking for an alternative, completely natural CBD oil for pets cannot overlook a strong candidate as the best CBD oil for dogs and cats : Leaflabs CBD Pet CBD Oil.

We know that cannabinoids can ease pain and inflammation in humans and relieve anxiety, but what are the potential benefits for our animal companions? To help you make an informed decision on which all-natural hemp oil for dogs and cats to use, we are going to take a deeper look at this product.

Here is everything you need to know about this premium blend CBD oil dogs and cats can take!

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Benefits of LeafLabs CBD Oil for Pets

Leaflabs organic CBD oil for dogs and cats is a tincture containing 99.4% pure CBD. This CBD has been tested in both the United States and South Africa to ensure its purity, guaranteeing there are no traces of THC. These tests are done to remove any and all amounts of THC from this cat and dog CBD oil so that it is safe for animals to ingest, and non-psychoactive. The pure CBD extract itself has no harmful side effects.

The CBD has been extracted and then mixed with an MCT coconut oil, making the entire tincture 100% natural. The coconut oil is flavourless and colourless, making it simple to give to your animals either orally or topically as a CBD cream.

Here are some of the believed benefits of LeafLabs Pet CBD Oil:

CBD oil acts on your pet’s endocannabinoid system, potentially assisting the body in creating homeostasis (a balanced level of natural chemicals). This can potentially assist the immune system, and help to protect our pets from cancers and improve the discomfort felt from cancer symptoms, as well as all the other potential healing benefits listed above.

This product is considered by us to be a candidate as the best hemp oil for dogs and cats, as well as all other creatures and critters who can benefit from its uses, such as horses and rabbits.

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LeafLabs Pet CBD Oil Review

Each of LeafLabs Pet CBD Oil comes with 300mg of CBD in a 30ML bottle, with each ML providing 10MG of CBD. The bottle also comes with an easy to use drop-applicator, so you can simply place one drop under your pet’s tongue, in their meals, or on their skin before rubbing in.

The recommended dosage for your pet is 1 drop per kg of your pet’s weight, and no more than 25 drops should be given. You can dose your fluffy companion up to twice per day, or as needed. Keep in mind that the regulated amount of CBD per day is 20mg, so remember to manage your dosage and not exceed this maximum limit. If you find that you need to increase the dosage beyond this, please contact your vet and speak about getting a medical prescription for CBD.

LeafLabs CBD oil has a myriad amount of potential healing benefits for all creatures and is something that has diverse uses – either as an oral or topical treatment. This all-natural method of dosing of CBD for dogs and cats can help our pets live healthier, more balanced and rejuvenated lifestyles.

We look forward to seeing more and more light being shone in the area of cannabis oil and its functions as an organic pet medicine.

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+ Positives:
  • Can be used both topically and orally
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • CBD extract has been tested in both South Africa and the United States
- Negatives:
  • None that we can think of



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