How to make CBD Vape Juice

Please note: The CBD Concentrate Referred to in this article is not CBD Oil. It’s a pure, crystalline CBD concentrate. You should never vape oils (or fats/lipids) as they can be hazardous to your health. Read our article on how to make your own CBD oil if you’re looking to make a more standard extract.

Vaping CBD is an increasingly popular method of delivery for Cannabidiol and it’s related compounds. While THC vapes were the first to hit the market, in the form of dry herb vaporizers, and subsequently dab pens, CBD has become ever more popular as a cannabis extract for those looking to avoid the intoxicating effects of THC.

While a relatively new concept, there exists both a lot of information and plenty of products and accessories related to vaping CBD. In this guide, we’ll break down how to create your own custom CBD Vape Juice for instant relief wherever you are.

  • Time: 60-90 minutes
  • Difficulty: Beginner level Easy
  • Cost: Medium (Depending on your choice of extract)
  • Strength: Higher-end

Why Vape CBD or Cannabis Oil?

The main reason people are choosing to vape CBD, as opposed to ingesting it or topically applying it, is that the effects are far more immediate. Due to the way our lungs work, inhaling a CBD extract allows it to be absorbed into your body far more rapidly than eating it, or applying it topically would allow for.

A similar comparison would be eating THC vs smoking it – when eaten, it takes 45-90 minutes for the onset to begin, whereas smoking takes as little as 5-15 minutes. As a result, vaping CBD in a similar manner allows for near immediate effect. This is great for those using CBD for issues such as pain, anxiety or appetite. Simply toke away and you’re ready to go – no pre-planning. Many users also report anecdotally that they feel they get a better effect from a lower dose with vaped CBD.

The other popular benefit of vaping CBD is that it’s far healthier when compared to smoking CBD bud like Charlotte’s Web or ACDC. Many smokers of THC and CBD alike have recently switched from smoking to vaping to decrease the harmful effects weed smoke can have on the lungs, even with a dry herb vaporizer.

How to make CBD Vape Juice in 5 Steps

This is our guide to making your own CBD juice in 5 simple steps. The ingredients are all relatively cheap except for the CBD Isolate (depending on where you live), but the recipe remains super simple and won’t take your more than 90 minutes.

*Note: Certain flavourings may disrupt the dissolving and effects of CBD so always double check online to see if there are any precautions, or make a small tester batch.

What you need to make CBD Vape Juice:

  • 1g (1000mg) Pure CBD Isolate (Crystalline Isolate)
  • 30ml Propylene Glycol (PG) or Propanediol (PDO)
  • 30ml Syringe with a blunt tip
  • 30ml Glass Dropper Bottle
  • Tiny Funnel (optional)
  • Vape Flavourings (optional)

Directions for making your own CBD Vape Juice

Step One:

Begin by preparing 30ml of your PG or PDO in a glass dropper bottle. If you’re adding flavourings, add them at this stage as part of your 30ml total fluid, as per directions that come with the flavouring.

Step Two:

Use your funnel, or fashion one from a piece of tinfoil to place on top of the glass dropper bottle. Funnel in all of your CBD isolate making sure to get all the little bits of residue from the container and funnel.

Making sure the lid is tightly screwed on, shake the CBD and PG / PDO solution intensely, breaking up all the chunks and making it easier to dissolve.

Step Three:

Place the glass dropper bottle in a pot, and fill the pot with water until it reaches the same level as the fluid in the dropper bottle. Next, heat the water on a stovetop until it begins to steam mildly, with small bubbles forming at the bottom of the pot. You want the water quite hot, but if you can’t touch the glass part of the bottle when taken out of the water then it’s too hot.

Step Four:

Let the bottle sit in the pot for 2-4 minutes at your maintained heat level, then shake it well and let sit for another 5 minutes in the water. You should now see that most of the smaller CBD particles have dissolved, leaving only the bigger chunks in the glass dropper bottle. Shake the solution well again to break up these larger clumps, and let it sit for a further five minutes.

Step Five:

Your solution should now be cloudy, with no real visible particles remaining. Let it sit in the heat for another 15 minutes. Now you should be presented with a perfectly clear juice. As it cools it may be a little cloudy, but that’s normal.

You now have your own personalized CBD Vape Juice! Based on the ingredients listed in this recipe, you should have a dosage of 33mg/ml. Simply squeeze some into your preferred vape pen, and you’re ready to go.

In Conclusion

You should now be more than happy with your homemade, hand-crafted CBD Vape Juice. You’ll have to give it a few tries yourself to see what kind of dosages work best for you, and might even start getting some requests to make some for your friends!

Remember to be safe and always follow instructions closely in a guide like this. We’d love it if you sent us in some of your own results, and let us know how yours turned out.

Thanks to Reddit user /u/rock513 for the recipe and images

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