Cancer is one of the main areas where Marijuana and CBD Oil have shown promising properties. The discovery in recent years of anti-cancer benefits possessed by the plant has been a driving factor behind many a legalization campaign around the world.

While thousands of studies are still in progress to really get deeper into the benefits of CBD and cancer, there are a number of studies which already claim it to be a greatly beneficial supplement in dealing with cancer or cancerous tumors.

From CBD inhibiting systemic malignant tumors, to being used topically do break down melanomas, to CBD fighting cancer cell invasion and preventing their spread, there’s a strongly suspected link between the compound and cancer, and it makes sense that so many swear by it as a cancer-fighting wonder drug that saved their lives.

Aside from these suspected properties, CBD has also shown promise in use such as to stimulate appetite, alleviate pain and stress, and get rid of nausea – making it popular for many to take during chemo or an intense round of medicines that don’t agree with your body.

Always remember to consult your GP or medical health professional before you start dosing CBD for interactions with other drugs you might be taking. The research on cancer and CBD is minimal, and still inconclusive – not enough research has been done to be sure of anything at this stage, although we hope that will change in the years to come.

Take a look at our choicest cancer-fighting CBD supplements below:

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Best seller LeafLabs CBD Oil for Pets

LeafLabs CBD Oil for Pets

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Panacea CBD Oil Review

Panacea CBD Oil Review

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XES Sensual – Vaginal Stimulating CBD Lube
Cannabis Oil South Africa
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